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Mission Statement:

The Snowflake-Taylor Community Emergency Response Team's (CERT) mission is to serve and safeguard our community through efficient and effective volunteer service, which helps protect life and property ensuring "the greatest good, for the greatest number." The CERT Program is comprised of volunteers who are trained in basic safety and emergency preparedness. This community based program helps provide rapid and safe care for the White Mountain residents in the event of a major incident or large scale disaster. When called upon, Snowflake-Taylor CERT volunteers provide basic care, stabilization and information within their communities until emergency responders can arrive on the scene, and upon request, will remain on scene to assist emergency responders as long as necessary. During non-emergency situations, Snowflake-Taylor CERT focuses on public education and awareness to help increase the emergency preparedness of all residents in the White Mountain area.

Assisting residents during times of flooding.

Supporting our local emergency service teams when needed.

Helping the community before, during and after a wildfire.

Things That We Do

The Snowflake-Taylor Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is an organization of community members who have volunteered to partner with local government emergency management and response agencies.  Primary funding is from grants that are available through funds provided by Congress in the Citizen Corps program. Snowflake-Taylor CERT is a member of the Navajo County Citizen Corps Council.

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